Microsoft Federated Edge Server IP Address Change March 18, 2011


Microsoft’s federated edge server is being upgraded to Lync Server 2010, which includes an IP address change.

Product version: Lync Server 2010

The federated edge server that supports Instant Messaging and conferencing with external companies will be migrated to Microsoft Lync Server 2010 on Friday, March 18, 2011.

After the server migration, the IP address for the SIP domain will change to External companies who are federated with Microsoft may need to make changes to their infrastructure outlined in Instructions below in order for the federation to continue to function successfully.


Notify your contact with the external company that the IP address for the SIP domain is changing to on Friday March 18, 2011. Depending on how their infrastructure is configured, they may need to make one of the following changes:

  • Companies configured as direct federations using an IP address (not will need to update their configuration to the new IP address.
  • Companies using a firewall to filter by IP address will need to update their Access Control List (ACL) to the new IP address.

Note: External companies that are configured as an Enhanced federation and who have configured their firewall to Allow All (inbound and outbound) on TCP:5061 according to Microsoft’s recommendations do not need to make any changes. They will experience a brief interruption in their ability to contact Microsoft employees through Lync or Communicator while the A record in DNS is automatically updated to reflect the new IP address.

To ensure connectivity with Microsoft while making this change, consider keeping the existing firewall rule and adding a new rule for the changed IP address. This approach reduces failed Instant Messaging and Presence updates during the actual transition and protects communications if implementation is delayed or the change must be rolled back.


Customers that originally configured their federation route with Microsoft to use an IP address will have to modify that entry and possibly their firewall rules to ensure communications continue successfully.

Article taken from NextHop


About David Lim

David has over 15 years of experience in IT industry in designing and implementing Microsoft Solutions ranging from small to enterprise customer. He also has experience in designing and developing Microsoft Unified Communications, Collaboration and Office 365 solutions with focus on Exchange, Lync & SharePoint as well as strategic migration planning in complex business environments. He is specializing in architecture and design of Lync Voice deployments. He has been actively involved in various speaking engagements, the recent being the sessions on Lync On-Premise and Office Interoperability in September 2011 and Office 365 Introduction in November 2011. In recognition of his high-quality real-world technical excellence with the community and with Microsoft, David received the prestigious Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award in April 2011.
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